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Acupressure & Tui Na





Acupressure* is a form of Chinese Energy work developed in China over 5000 years ago. It is one of the five branches of healing modalities (Food Therapy, Herbal Treatments, Acupressure or Acupuncture, Manipulative Therapy such as Tui Na, and Remedial exercises of Qi Gong and Tai Chi) under Traditional Chinese Medicine that bases its principles on balance and harmony. Acupressure is a holistic approach to help your dog or cat live a well-balanced life. It is a safe, non-invasive way to help harmonize your dog’s or cat’s energy.

Acupressure does not use needles like acupuncture. It does, however, use the same acupoints and meridians by applying gentle thumb or fingertip pressure to help increase energy at a deficient point or to release blocked energy that may be causing illness. It can help reduce stress, invigorate the blood to help with circulation, detoxify the body, relieve pain anywhere in the body, and even help with emotional imbalances. The main objective is to bring the body’s life force energy, also known as Qi, back into balance. Click on the chart to download useful meridian points.


Tui Na means Push/Grasp and is a form of Chinese Massage often done in conjunction with an acupressure treatment. Utilizing the basic hand techniques of rotary, compression, friction, even vibrating and shaking, these are applied to the same acupoints and meridians, or energy pathways as acupressure. Tui Na directly affects the flow of energy at a much deeper level than just on the surface of your pet’s skin. It helps with muscle tension, relaxes circulation to a local area and can help relieve many discomforts. It can help your young dog, and comfort and relax your older dog.

Qi Gong simply means energy work and is an ancient energy healing system used for centuries in China. It is a practice of exercise routines and breath work that when practiced daily helps to build an individual’s own Qi. This healing energy is then channeled though the hands directly to your pet.

Tong Ren translated means Bronze Man. Developed by Tom Tam in Boston, MA, it is practiced primarily as distance energy work done with the use of a small human anatomical model that is used as a energetic representation of your dog. After discussion of your pet’s situation, specific targeted points on the model are tapped on using a lightweight magnetic hammer. Chi is directed to blocked points that correspond to your animal’s condition thereby breaking down any resistance at these points. It is a safe therapy for internal healing of your pet’s energy system by using the collective unconscious as defined by Dr. Carl Jung for internally accessing the energy system. Click the following text to visit Tom Tam's website or read an explanation of Tong Ren.


“I contacted Jamie Yates-Yee for my 16 yr old 

lab. He had not eaten voluntarily for more 

than 2 months. The vet suspected more than 

pancreatitis...He had Cushings disease, 

anaplasmosis and IMHA, Jamie applied 

acupressure points that were specific to his 

condition while playing some soothing 

music. My pooch loved the treatment.

“Jamie Yates-Yee is a patient, animal loving 

practitioner. Her love for dogs is very evident. 

Most importantly, she is equally supportive to 

the animal owner. And takes alot of time with 

hand-outs and hands on teaching so the 

owner can do it on his/her own. She comes 

to the house, so if your animal is too ill or 

hates cars, that’s a great option... 

“Will be calling her again to learn the 

acupressure points for pain management 

for my dog... Beats the serious side effects of 

pain medication on a dog's stomach. I 

recommend her highly for your dog's general 

health or chronic condition. AND SHE'S A 


– Linda A.

My dog Yogi is a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier who has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease, severe hypertension, and other associated disorders. Finding Jamie and having her work on Yogi doing Tong Ren and other distant healings has been nothing short of a miracle! His hypertension has completely normalized, he has started eating again and has regained most of his energy. Jamies love and caring and tremendous amount of time has been a great help in trying to formulate a treatment plan including diet and resources for his different issues. I highly recommend Jamie to anyone who is looking for a true healer with her wisdom, intuition, compassion and amazing heart.  Thank you,  Judith Fogarty

 Jamie has worked on my dogs many times. My older male has never been fond of body work, but has learned to love Jamie and lets her (and me) know (in his very restrained way) that he appreciates what she's doing. Jamie worked my dog through a body issue he was having that prevented us from performing optimally in agility and made it possible for him to receive his championship. She has guided me toward other remedies and people who can help me when issues outside of her purview arise. As good a healer as she is (and she is), her generosity, kindness and knowledge make just being in her company a delight as well as restorative.

Karen K.