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     Jaime is an officially certified "Fear Free" Groomer and "AKC Safe 

Groomer".  She specializes in making the grooming visit a positive 

and relaxing experience for all customers.

     Jaime has a soft spot in her heart and a kind touch for animals 

of all kinds. She has rescued pot belly piglets, hedgehogs, 

ducklings, and kittens and has surrounded herself with a 

barnyard of animals.  She has been grooming dogs for more 

than 10 years and is pursuing her AKC Master Groomer 

certification. Attending grooming trade shows and seminars, 

Jaime keeps up to date with the newest products and styling 


      She knows safety procedures, as well as health and 

hygiene practices. Jaime’s daughter, Mikaila, is her premier dog 

bather. She assists in all aspects of the total grooming 

experience with the same kind treatment and gentle touch. 

     Together Jaime and Mikaila make a great team assuring that 

each dog has a positive experience at Paw Plaza.