Our Training Services


Our Training Classes include:

  • Group or Individual 
  • Puppy Class
  • Basic Manners & More Manners
  • Tricks
  • Behavior Challenges 

We also offer:

  • Lodge and Train
  • Day Train




start date April  29

Mondays 5:30 pm

drop-in rate $15

puppies 8-16 weeks


Wouldn't it be fun to watch your new family member learn and interact with other puppies in a supervised environment geared just for them? Providing puppy socialization is the process of positive exposure to new experiences, situations, physical environments, people of all ages, and other animals.  The purpose is to enable your puppy to develop the coping skills he needs to have a stable temperament and happy life. 

Due to the nature of the class, puppies are required to be between the ages of 8-16 weeks.  This is open enrollment /drop-in format to start your puppy's socialization experience as soon as possible.  Puppies must have their first distemper shot.  Please bring a record of the vaccination with you the first time you come.

 Each class will include opportunities for your puppy to:

*play with other puppies

*experience different surfaces and textures

*strengthen their confidence and bravery on various obstacles at their own pace




start date May 4

puppies ages 3-6 mos

Saturdays 10 am

6 weeks $165 

class size limited to 10

Instructor: Susan Morris

Course Information:

 This class is designed to help you build a strong loving relationship with  your new puppy.  Getting a puppy is a lifelong commitment and our class will help you both start off your journey together filled with useful and fun information.

 The first class will be without your dog. 


*House Training

*Solving chewing problems

*Socialization with  other dogs and people

*Coming  when called

*Constructive play training

*Stress free veterinary visits and grooming ideas

*Sit and Down commands

*Leave it and Wait commands

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start date May 4

dogs 6 mos  and older

Saturdays  11:30 am

6 weeks $165

class size limited to 10

Instructor: Susan  Morris

Course  Information

This class will be taught using positive reinforcement via food, praise, and toys. It will focus on teaching exercises that will help to build  a strong relationship with your dog while developing manners to help make them a welcome family member in all areas of your life.

 The first class will be without your dog.  




*Greeting People 

*Loose leash walking

*coming when called



*Leave it

*Solving chewing problems

*Games and tricks

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Meet our Trainers


Susan B. Morris CPDT-KA

    Sue has always loved dogs. Her interest in dog training started by accident when she rescued  a beagle at her place of work that  had been brought in for euthanasia simply because he would not hunt. She brought him to classes at the local YMCA so they could learn to walk on leash and not to pull her or her children.

     From there she  became interested in AKC obedience competition where she eventually  competed at the highest levels .  After her beagle, Ringer, passed away,  Sue obtained a new golden retriever partner to train and compete with named Hunter who, in Sue's words, "made her look good in the obedience ring."

    Working  as a veterinary technician for 30 plus years is where she learned much about animal behavior and how to bring about the best possible experience while working with animals that are nervous, in pain, or just unsure.

    She is the mother of three grown children and a proud "Nonie" to four grandchildren.  Sue has also authored a book titled " Ringer" based on her experiences while training her dog , that not only made him a better companion but helped her learn to be a  better parent.  Patience and consistency were key.

    Sue's current companion," Rookie" is the great grandson to Hunter. Rookie is her service dog as Sue has multiple sclerosis and says that having dogs has kept her active and allows her to remain independent.  BoSox is joining the family soon to become Rookiie's future successor as a service dog.

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